Davila's Vision & Mission


Children First. Always.


Bryan ISD, through innovation and choice in educational offerings, will provide positive experiences that ensure high school graduation and post-secondary success. 


  1. Academic Goal: Support the academic and post-secondary success of every student.

    Culture/Climate Goal:  Support a culture and climate that encourages a shared responsibility for a positive learning environment that encourages positive regard for all people.

    Workforce Goal:  Maintain a high-quality workforce through competitive benefits and differentiated professional learning. 

    Community Engagement Goal:  Actively partner with students, family, staff and the community to promote collaborative stakeholder engagement to achieve the District's vision.

    School Safety and Security Goal:  Ensure a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment while welcoming all students, staff, and visitors.

Guiding Principles

We commit to serving the minds and hearts of our children, families, staff, and
community by modeling the Essential 8.
○ Kindness
○ Tolerance
○ Gratitude
○ Philanthropy
○ Work Ethic
○ Optimism
○ Courage
○ Leadership

We provide a safe and inclusive environment so that every member of the school community can thrive.

We lead by developing relationships built on trust and by instilling pride in our staff and students.

We measure our success by the way we educate and celebrate the whole child.

We value the diversity and unique gifts represented throughout our school community.

We model servant leadership with integrity, service, and commitment.

Have questions about Bryan ISD? Let us hear from you at info@bryanisd.org.