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New Afternoon Pick-Up Map!
In an effort to help the afternoon car rider line run more quickly, we have consulted with the Bryan Police Department and are attempting a new route for parents when picking up their student(s).
1) Parents can continue to enter from Texas Ave. and are now also encouraged to enter from the South Bound feeder road in front of the school.
2) Please pull as far forward as possible
3) If your student does not come to your car immediately, we ask that you pull into the parking area. This will allow for a continual flow of traffic.
4) When exiting, parents must now turn right towards the South bound feeder road. (If you need to get back to Texas Ave, it is suggested that you proceed South bound to Brac Park to cut through or turn right on Woodville Road to get back to Texas Ave.
Our hope is that this will provide for two continuous lanes of traffic as well as cut down on the time parents are waiting to pick up their student(s). I have included a map of the traffic flow here, and it can also be on the campus website.
Please remind your students:
We do not allow students to walk across the grass fields to get to your car.
Students should remain behind the white line on the sidewalk.
Students should be watching for you!
***A HUGE Thank You to all the parents who have followed the previous directions sent out. We truly appreciate you!***