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Davila schedule pickup dates are August 11th from 1pm-5pm and August 12th from 9am-1pm.
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Parent Pick-up Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We would first like to say THANK YOU in advance for being patient with our car rider system. As you can imagine it has not been an easy task for those who designed a car rider plan to accommodate a campus of 1200 scholars. Please help us keep every scholar safe and at the same time move all vehicles to their destination as soon as possible.

  • All students must be picked up in the front driveway of Davila. This is for your scholar’s safety and it puts your scholar in danger of being hit by oncoming vehicles at any other point.
  • There is NO STOPPING OR LOADING on the street located on the west side of the building. Students cannot load unless you are in the front driveway. Please do not ask your scholar to meet you in the line on the street and not follow procedures outlined for pick up.
  • In the driveway located in the front of the school, you will be able to load from one lane and then move to the outside lane to exit. We caution you to be careful as you change lanes.
  • Please DO NOT motion your student to cross traffic and enter the vehicle on the street at any point. This is very dangerous and your scholar could be injured.
  • Remind your students to treat any and all gathering points with respect. This would include but not be limited to waiting in the assigned areas, leaving no trash behind, leaving the campus waiting area as they found it. We want to show our neighbors that our scholars know how to "ACT"
  • Finally, if you are parked in the front parking lot we will walk your scholar across the crosswalk to the parking area. Our staff members will be wearing reflective vests will be wearing reflective vests.
  • All pick-up vehicles will enter the campus from the back entrance in line and wait until they can enter the pick-up driveway.
  • Scholars will only be supervised for 30 minutes following the final bell. After that time there will be no adults out front.


Your help in following the traffic plan is greatly appreciated. When doing so it reduces the time spent during drop off and pick-up. This is also very important to ensure the safety of our students and staff.


Your Texan Health and Safety Committee


Please review the map of track flow!