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Eric Cadondon

As a music educator, the goal for my students is to absorb as much knowledge and technique about music and playing musical instruments while still benefiting from the fun of the art itself. Being a teacher is more than lecturing and assessing students and hoping for good scores and outcomes. Teaching is about caring for each student and supporting them from the very roots of their learning processes. Carefully nurturing their development will reflect the knowledge shared to each pupil and will engage them to be a better musician to their craft. I plan to instill the skills of learning the basics of music and putting them to use, not just in class, but in everyday life. Music is an international language which challenges an individual’s creativity and mental development and cohesively blends with other subjects of academia such as mathematics, history, the arts, and literature. Music can also bring life lessons and social interaction to the developing students, which can help in their future endeavors. Music is a subject to be taken with the utmost responsibility of the student and is to be given the hard work and dedication which is essential for the craft. I work to infuse my passion and information to my students to inspire them to create sounds individually and as a group in concert and competitive settings. Room for improvement for the student’s playing skills to grow is a continuous goal, but being able to see the enjoyment and gratification that comes from learning music is priceless and memorable.